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Daily inspiring content aggregated from your trusted sources. Uplifting posts and content from your friends and from Lifder.

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Social impact and service opportunities tailored to your unique skills, interests, and availability. What’s your social impact?

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Lifder will never sell your personal information to, or even share it with, other companies (including advertisers). Period.

Lifder Features

Positive Social Feed

See inspiring Lifder- and user-generated videos, pictures, articles, posts, and shout-outs. All positive. All the time.

Share Your Good

Have something happy, funny, positive, or inspiring to share? Capture and share your good with the world every day.

Tailored Opportunities

Social impact opportunities directly in your social media feed, or search for service opportunities in real time.

Request Help

Need help? Post requests for help in the Lifder app, and connect with others in meaningful ways.

Find Good

Get Inspired

Find daily, world-class content highlighting the good happening in the world every day. Lifder is the premier destination for positive news, inspiring content and uplifting posts that leave you feeling good about yourself, happy, and excited to make a difference in the world.

Social Media, As It Should Be

Say goodbye to privacy concerns, annoying ads, the endless self-promotion, and the negative mental health. Just uplifting content and meaningful connections. Every day.

Share Good

Share Your Good

Stumbled across an inspiring news article? Witnessed an inspiring act of kindness? Came across a funny video that brought a smile to your face? Post it to Lifder and share your good with the world every day.

Join The Movement

Join a movement of people throughout the world who want to share good and reinforce the positive happening all around us. More shout-outs. Less selfies.

Do Good

Proprietary Social Impact Platform

Lifder enables individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to find–in real time–opportunities to help each other. In addition to enabling individuals to find formal service opportunities with nonprofits, Lifder streamlines peer-to-peer service opportunities while also being the first platform to efficiently connect the resources of businesses with the needs of nonprofits.

Leveraging The Power of Social Media

Lifder is social media as it should be: Connecting the world in service, promoting positivity, and bringing people together in meaningful ways.

Not Just For Individuals

Non Profit Benefits

Easily find volunteers for one-time or ongoing volunteer needs
Centralized platform for tracking compliance, legal, and marketing resources for your organization
Connect in real time with businesses that have the resources and desire to facilitate the unique mission of your organization

Business Benefits

Efficiently find meaningful opportunities to give back to your community in real time.
Improve company culture by enabling clients clients and employees to engage in social responsibility initiatives meaningful to your business.
Centralized platform for promoting the corporate responsibility brand and reputation of your business

Join The Movement